Invictus Innovation EV Technology:

Chip scale science and technology in Southeastern Michigan


Invictus Innovation EV Technology LLC, is a technology company that will address the chip scale that will create jobs and retain talent in the E.V. Technology.


Invictus EV Innovation will be a State-Of-The-Art 21 Century Highly Interactive Campus


Invictus EV Innovation Headquarters will be in Southeast Michigan and in different parts of the US.

Next Generation: Intelligent and energy efficient advanced vehicle utilizing integrated optoelectronic materials and devices.

Next Generation: Ultra-thin metallic films and devices for next generation clean and renewable energy applications.

Next Generation: High quality hybrid dielectric thin films and devices for telecommunication, energy and environmental applications.

Next Generation: Solid state batteries, capacitors.

Next Generation: Intelligent sensors, such as chip scale solid state Lidar.


Training in EV space


Education curriculum


Charging stations

The next generation of renewable energy.


(313) 622-6003 - Danny Wilkerson

(321) 629-3590 - Kevin Warrenton


18224 West 12 Mile Suite 306

Southfield, Michigan 48067


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Invictus Innovation EV Technology LLC